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German Shepherds Vom Linmarc
Breeding BLACK SABLE and SOLID BLACK German Shepherds
 from the old East German (DDR) bloodlines

We are Steve and Dee Lino of Malabar, Florida. We have been breeding working German Shepherds since 1962 and have been members of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA) since 1980. Our experience and dedication to this breed speaks for itself:

* Recipient of USA’s Sports Medal in gold
* Member of USA’s first breed advisory council, developing a breed registry in the U.S. for German Shepherd dogs which used the European type guidelines for breeding. This registry was later approved and endorsed by the German Parent Club (SV)
* Past Regional Director for the Southeastern US, working with Schutzhund Clubs in training, organization and paperwork as well as scheduling and approval of foreign and domestic trial judges
* Past Breed Warden for the S.E. Region
* Winner of the 1989 North American Schutzhund III Championship
* Southeast Regional Schutzhund III Champion
* Mid-East Regional Schutzhund III Champion
* 3 time member of USA’s World Championship team (WUSV), competing for the U.S. in the German Shepherd World Championship in Europe:
     1987 – St. Gallen, Switzerland
     1989 – Maribor, Yugoslavia
     1990 – Warrme, Belgium
* Past Training director for the Mid-Florida Schutzhund Club
* Operated a Police Service Dog Training School in Sebastian, Florida. This course was approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
* Trained dogs and their handlers for a Federal Nuclear Power Plant, to be used as narcotics detection dogs
* Contributing Editor for Dog Sport Magazine, on the German Shepherd dog
* Trained thousands of dogs for AKC obedience, tracking, security, personal protection, narcotics detection, police service and schutzhund.

* Competed on a National Level in Schutzhund III
* Titled dogs in AKC obedience
* Southeast Regional Schutzhund III Champion
* Retired the travel trophy for High Female Handler in the Southeast Region, winning it 3 years in succession
* Past President of the Mid-Florida Schutzhund Club
* Past Editor of the "Southeasterner" Regional Newsletter



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